Other People's Family Photos

In December 2015, I won an eBay auction for a 1970s Pentax k1000 camera. I remember the seller had said that it had only been used a few times after its purchase by a family member (an uncle?, I forget). When I finally got around to using the camera a year later, I discovered a completed roll of exposed film inside. I developed the roll and the heavily damaged film came out as a series of solid purple frames with barely visible shadows suggesting the people and places beneath. In photoshop, adjusting levels and curves, I lifted out images of a family vacation at a lake and a little girl on a bike with a cat in the basket. The photos appear to have been taken in the late 80s, and sat exposed in a camera until December 28th 2015.  The seller, "dunlastace" has closed up shop on eBay and so far my message has gone unanswered. I would love to return these to the little girl featured through out. 35mm color film. Pentax k1000. Taken in the late 80s / early 90s, developed 2016.


Original Developed Roll

Original Thumbnails - Damaged and Exposed


Retouched - Contrast, Curves and Levels
Black and White to bring out detail.